Why you can’t write “About” yourself

Janice Formichella
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Do you like my pun?

One of my favorite things to write for clients is their ABOUT page. I love to take a hard look inside the vision, the goals my clients have, and WHY it is that they are so excited about their business and what they are offering the world. I enjoy imagining the business’s target clientele learning about their products or services and their goals all being achieved. Once I do all of this I am able to create an ABOUT page that meets all marketing objectives.

What a lot of business owners might ask, however, is: out of all the branding or marketing material required in the first stages of a growing project, why hire someone else to write the ABOUT page? After all, don’t they themselves know best what they are about?

While this may be the case in theory, it is important to realize that in essence, the ABOUT page is not actually about you and your business, it’s about your target client. It is really there on your website to help potential leads relate to your story and start to think about how great it would be to work with someone like you. It’s so much more than a well-written bio or list of accomplishments (save that for your LinkedIn profile or elsewhere on the site). This precious real estate is there to give consumers, who have an overload of options of who to work with, the chance to see why they will enjoy and benefit from giving you their time and money.

To end up with the most effective and easy to read ABOUT page, it’s best to step aside and let an actual consumer craft the wording for you (and while you’re at it, how about a consumer with a knack for writing?).

One thing that often surprises me when working with clients to develop a web content plan is how often they don’t even think to include the pieces of information about their history or the way they work that are the most compelling. These are the items that set you apart from others in the industry, keep visitors reading your site, and allow you to come up in the mind of customers when they are ready to make a decision. Because of this I have a thorough web content brief that I have created based on my experience as a small business consultant, copy writer, and branding specialist. I use this in conjunction with expertly crafted but efficient interviews I conduct with business owners to come up with copy that is fun to read and a showcase of their uniqueness.

The end result? An ABOUT page you’ll love to direct the world to and that readers won’t gloss over as they skim your site.