Janice Formichella
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Below you will find some links to some of my favorite articles and copywriting work. This is a mere sampling of my projects and scope as a writer. If you don’t see a sample relevant to your own project needs, please contact me to request a sample or schedule a time to discuss your vision.

Please note that because some of my larger projects and clients over the years have employed me for ghost writing/blogging services that I am not free to disclose those projects or completed articles. This likewise applies to many personal branding work that I have done, such as professional LinkedIn profiles.

Happy perusing!


History articles:

Top 10 Highly Successful Liars of all Time – Listverse.com

Isadora Duncan – Sheroes of History

Top 10 Women of the Wild West – Listverse.com

Jane Austen – Sheroes of History

Amazing Facts about Gin -The Gin Guide

10 Unexpected Outcomes of Prohibition – Listverse.com

Web Copy:

Bremer Farms

Holli Thompson

Heartbaker Bun Mee

Proofreading Clients:

Collective Potential

Responsible Investment Association Australasia

LivingNow Media

Holli Thompson